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Risk Manager

Risk Manager is a market leader in corporate health and safety, with 15,000 users across 500 locations gained in the last 10 years, and market acceptance is accelerating. The purpose of the system is to provide evidence of our customers meeting the statutory requirements for H&S compliance in the easiest and most effective way. How efficient is affective? Would you believe an organisation with 150 locations and close to 9,000 employees set the system up for their entire group in just two hours! Not only did they replace shelves burdening under the weight of Health & Safety Twinlock Binders at every location, but sent their Health & Safety standards into the stratosphere by comparison. The good news is that you can do this too.

The system works on all devices from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. There is no additional IT support required at your locations. Systems are structured to match your commercial organisation whether it be Group, Division, Brand, Region, Site, with all employees having access permissions levels set up according to job role. The system is designed to provide evidence of your compliance for insurance and HSE inspections.

Main Features

 Intuitive icon navigation for easy and quick familiarity
 Statutory and advisory records are contained within
 A suite of 100 example risk assessments for edit, creation or adoption
 Legacy risk assessments can be imported
 All 60 official guidance documents provided by HSE
 A variety of reports and audits
 Planner and auto e mail reminders
 E-learning modules to demonstrate employees understanding of responsibilities
 Typically, to keep the system upto date requires one hour a month per site location

All this is complimented by access to legal advice from top H&S lawyers. The system reduces the onerous administration task associated with traditional outdated methods. It can be updated locally or centrally via internet connection. Risk Manager facilitates engagement at every level with everyone in the business. There is a client facility to add material, as text or video, develop bespoke eLearning modules, to further engage all those in the business with responsibilities for their own safety and that of others. For directors and insurers it is reassuring, for employees it is informative.
If you are serious about managing risks to your business, brand and reputation, Risk Manager is the best place to start.

Risk Manager Summary Features

Risk Manager is designed to provide Evidence of your compliance for insurance and HSE inspections, and has proven its ability and value on many occasions. The system uses icon driven menus, and provides everything you could wish for from a reference library on Health & Safety, including regulations through to zoonoses. All official guidance is provided by the Health Safety Executive. Whether they be, Employees, Contractors or Customers, Risk Manager gives the people you are responsible for what they need to know in the most easy accessible way.

 Records - all the statutory and advisory record forms you require, exceeding 60 types and including;- Policies, Accidents, Employees, Health monitoring, Inspections, Testing, Consents and many more.

 Risk Manager - can import your approved contractor records and provide links to external sites.

 Risk Assessments - Risk Manager provides about 100 examples in General, COSHH and DSEAR categories. These may be edited and adopted, or, new ones created. Your legacy risk assessments can also be added.

 Action Plan - all completed records and risk assessments are linked to the planner (links to MS Outlook & iCal) showing what is due, overdue and by when. All records and risk assessments, identified as required for a particular location that are as yet uncompleted, also shown in Action Plan.

 E Mail reminders - each record and risk assessment carries an interval set by the User for escalating email reminders. In conjunction with the Action Plan this facilitates pro-active or re-active management.

 Reporting - there is a comprehensive suite of reports that operate at each commercial structure level so performance and compliance are instantly visible. There is also a Report Builder to generate bespoke reports. All Reports are exportable to MS Excel, and all may be auto configured to run at required intervals and be auto-emailed.

 Risk Manager - has an impressive Employee Import utility to enable all employees to be imported automatically from payroll or HR. This can run every night to ensure all current employees are on the system and leavers are automatically archived. Legacy records can be attached along with photo ID if required.

 Support - there is a dedicated support site for the system with FAQ’s and 'How To' YouTube video tutorials

 Risk Manager - gives instant visibility across all locations and allows resources to be cost effective, and focussed where they are needed.

 Core functionality - is based around ISO9001. With intrinsic document and version control, additional standards requirements, such as ISO14001 and ISO45001 and bespoke corporate requirements, may be readily integrated.

 You may also integrate to our other systems; Property Manager, Environmental Manager, Franchise Manager and Document Manager, which then allows efficient centralised control, reporting and visibility across multiple disciplines.


The system is very comprehensive and specifically designed to be resource efficient and requires only one hour per month per site to keep up to date. Our cloud hosting arrangements are common with Tesco, British Airways and some HM Government applications. We maintain an A+ security rating validated by independent testing, many banks are only rated B. The system is licensed on a per site per month basis with no additional costs per user. This effectively makes the commercial arrangements an operational expense not a capital expense and makes procurement a simple process. Why don't you look at it? It could be one of your best decisions this month.