Licence Checking

Driver Licence Checking

HQ Licence Check for compliance and peace of mind

Don't leave this to chance. Know your eligible drivers and what they are entitled to drive.

Licence Checks are an important step in letting your drivers know that you take road safety seriously. It's as much about road safety culture as it is about compliance.

Why it is important:-
 Your Company has a responsibility to ensure that drivers of the business are qualified and eligible to drive the vehicles allocated.
 Non eligible drivers are not covered by insurance with obvious implications for the Company if the driver is involved in a serious injury or fatality.
 It is estimated that half a million drivers at work have a revoked licence. Some drivers know it whilst others are ignorant.
 Taking photo-copies does not mean you copy the correct licence or an up to date one. Paper, ink, annual repeat and storage should also be considered.
 Scheduled checks can track your most important at risk drivers, and enable intervention to prevent ban through point accumulation.
 Proves to your insurer that road risk is being managed.
 Licence checking is an essential part of the acknowledged 5 element Road Safety Management strategy employed by business champions. They are succeding, so will you.

Licence Checking

Licence Checking is an established component of managing driver risks. When combined with driver risk assessment, eLearning, in-vehicle coaching, and vehicle telemetrics you can be sure that you are covering all the bases as practised by the nations safest fleets. As an employer you have a 'Duty of Care' to verify that employees are entitled to drive on your behalf. Failing to ensure this could put your company at risk of breaching Health & Safety legislation and the Road Traffic Act. To make matters worse a fatality resulting from an unlicenced driver in your employ will trigger the Corporate Manslaughter or Corporate Homicide Act. An employer will then be required to provide evidence of policies and procedures, which confirm an employee's eligibility to drive.

Our licence checking system links directly with the Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency and feeds the data back to our user friendly portal that shows who your current and potential risks are.The results are instantaneous and allow you to employ the necessary interventions as quickly as required. The last thing you want is a driver with a revoked licence driving on your behalf, and if your best salesman is collecting penalty points as if they were desirable, then you may want to review their territory or attitude.

 Licence copies - are a traditional practice, but only useful to paper and ink suppliers. You wouldn't know if you copied the original or whether it was up to date. It was all we had in the past, but frankly, it's a waste of your time.

 Doing nothing - is not advisable. Employees driving for your business without licence exposes you to risks of fine, and if they are involved in a serious collision or fatality, expose you to much worse.

 E-consent - To comply with the Data Protection Act an employee must consent to their licence details being checked. The system obtains permission from the employee and provides a three year mandate and is a paperless system.

 Procedure - The DVLA LIVE database is accessed and driver data concerning entitlements and endorsement status is retrieved. This check can also be conducted for relatives of employees who may have permission to drive a company vehicle.

 Self Managed - you purchase your credits and by use of your dedicated portal enter your drivers and start the e-consent process. Upon it's receipt the transmission of data between Licence Check and your portal is instant, and the reports are comprehensive.

 Reporting - Driver Licence Checking Service is a complete service for managing the risks of drivers on company business. It removes the administrative burden and pitfalls associated with manual checking procedures all for a nominal flat fee payable for each licence check.

 Licence Check - has an impressive Employee Import utility to enable all employees to be imported automatically from Excel spread sheet.

 Support - there is a dedicated support to your self management if and when required.

 Licence Check Portal - gives instant visibility across multiple locations and allows focussed cost effective attention, where needed.


Take the right precautions! Work with us for Licence Check verification and let us protect your business from potential prosecution and risks. Licence Check utilises the 'LIVE' Driving Licence and Vehicle Agency (DVLA) data to check at regular intervals agreed with you. This is an online volume service that feeds back relevant and factual data in user friendly format for each driver highlighting the areas where risk grade requires intervention.

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