Bespoke Course Development

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Bespoke Course Development

Elearning has grown at a prolific rate during this millennium. The cost advantages of not travelling to venues, the capability of teaching vast numbers at the same time and at their pace are just a few factors responsible for this. As with most growth trends inventive people look to expand opportunities, and in some cases promote course authoring or editing as a function that can be conducted within the Company. We don't do that. Not because we can't, but in the majority of Companies we believe it is a bolt on job to someone who may already be busy. Therefore, potentially affecting quality, delivery and consistency. Resource rich organisations are of course an exception, and why we direct our comment at small to medium enterprises.

Working with you is our preferred method. We have no grand plan of product development, we are genuinely lead by our customers need. You have the idea or existing content, and if there is a continuous sales potential for Hayman Quantrill in other markets or companies, then we are keen to speak with you. Furthermore, we share the development costs or ask for commitment in course activations. A good example to illustrate this is the development of Legionella awareness, in which we funded all development as it has market wide potential, and by contrast, our development with FTI Company of their pneumatic hydraulic course which was funded jointly. There is a price plan that can suit both parties in minimising the customer's outlay and our risk of extended break even point on a development. It makes sense.

 Your own eLearning courses - Professionally developed, on time, in budget and no drain on internal resources.

 Very affordable - Low or no financial outlay.

 Robust system - SCORM developments hosted on our Learning Management System, with no third party involvement or additional costs.