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From an era when the old adage, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," was a commercial practice, commerce seems to have turned full circle, and now seeks trusted supply from fewer suppliers. Our customers frequently ask for additional services that integrate with the products we develop. We never say no, but are wary of engaging in development that takes us from our focus. Consequently, we have researched the services we offer and entered in to a technical partnership with the originators. We merged their offer with our own to present a common sense integration that is an attractive proposition, we hope you agree. The integrated services cost no more than they would if you bought directly from them. Suffice to say that you are welcome to do that if you prefer.

Risk Manager

Risk Manager is a market leading Health and Safety system that replaces reams of paper and several binders to give on screen access from any device and location. It is powered by OES Limited, the specialist in process systems and quality standards.

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Licence Checking

This has to be the fastest licence checking system in the country and is powered by Licence Check Limited. Licence checking is their focus it is not an add-on to other services, which is the reason for their investment in technical development and subsequent superiority.

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Driver Training

Driver trainers have an important role to play in addressing driver risks, and we consequently have built relationships with those who will provide the service for you. We can recommend and you arrange with them directly, or we can manage this for you if you prefer.

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