Induction Procedures

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Why we focus on employee induction training


The induction process is the first and best opportunity to demonstrate company standards and inject company pride in new employees. It prepares the new employees for their work with you, and particularly in the area of Health & Safety training, which is a legal requirement of employers.
Our Health & Safety induction training can elevate procedures with a modern multimedia experience of high quality content. Training records are comprehensive and accessed from our secure portal, DatPort. Employee recruitment costs demand that induction is as good as it can be.


Consider your current induction procedure
 Do your line managers perform induction procedures? Line managers have demanding roles and induction may be compromised by commercial pressures.
 Do you run group induction courses when you have an economical number of people? There is no need to delay. Essential education can be given in the first hour protecting employees and employer.
 Is your induction procedure governed and recorded by a check list? A signed check list, alone, is not considered as evidence of induction training.


The benefits of adopting our products in to your induction procedures
 Elevates your standards of induction and helps to build a safety culture.
 The content and delivery is consistent every time.
 Training and Assessment records conform to ISO 9000 and Investor in People schemes.
 E-learning proves to retain 60% of the subject matter above conventional tutor led methods.
 Employees are motivated and contribute sooner.
 Line managers are free to pursue commercial objectives.
 The employer has evidence of compliance to vital requirements of law inside the first 2 hours of employment.



Reasons for employee induction going wrong!


 Time pressure is extreme. Something has to suffer and Induction is often compromised.
 Induction is repetitious and often boring for those who deliver it, resulting in short cuts and omissions creeping into the procedure.
 It is difficult to maintain a high level of education consistently, especially in multi site organisations.


The implications of a hurried, disorganised and unprepared induction should not be overlooked.
For all that can go wrong, if the check sheet has a tick in every box, who would know?

The consequences of it going wrong
 The employee is unimpressed and perceives a low standard of operation.
 The employee feels less important.
 The employee uses colleague’s behaviour as a bench mark.
 The employee may bring malpractices from former employment to your workplace.
 The employee is more exposed to accidents.
 The employer may be fined for non compliance of regulations.
 The employer is more exposed to litigation and compensation claims.