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TakeCare Health & Safety Induction Training

TakeCare gives employees, contractors or volunteers instruction in health and safety relevant to the business environment. A broad range of essential subjects in a user friendly screen environment, supported by relevant photographic images and narration is the method of delivery. The employee interacts without supervision removing any reason for delay. Employees receive first class  Health & Safety education whilst the remaining staff play their part in generating profits. The employee is examined after each module, and receives a certificate of achievement on completion of the training. Employee performance is recorded to our Learning Management System and the data viewed from our risk management portal, DatPort.

 Prepares employees for safer working within the first hour of employment
 Precision content and delivery
 Consistent training for multi location companies
 Teaching method improves retention by 60%
 Training that doesn’t sap management time


TakeCare Modules

The TakeCare health & safety courses are made up of  bite sized modules of  3 - 7 minutes. The modules listed below are contained in the TakeCare Commercial health and safety induction course. The same module titles would reflect relevant information and graphics for other industry sectors. The inclusion of bespoke working environments with their unique risks can be added to these foundation subjects. An example of this can be seen in TakeCare Automotive Induction.

The following sample module titles are the foundation for our courses. As mentioned earlier, they are tailored to industry sector by appropriate content and imagery. They can also be enhanced with additional working environment modules for bespoke workplace coverage.

The employee is educated to the responsibilities of the employer to ensure understanding and realistic expectation.
The old adage, "Prevention is better than cure," is reinforced to help create a mindset of prevention by being alert and acting to prevent potential accidents.
Educational focus on the correct lifting techniques and encouragement to use all helpful aids that may be provided.
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is necessary in all industries. This module gives focus to the handling, storage/spillage, protective equipment and first aid sections of the CoSHH Safety Data Sheet and examples of substances that can be found.
Helping employees to know the international hazard symbols and understand the risks associated with typical symbols that can be found in their workplace.
Stress creeps silently and can feel like an immovable burden if no attempt is made to seek help. This module enlightens employees of early symptoms and promotes a logical course of action and prevention.
This is a general instruction and guidance for all employees and not a training course for the first aider. Essentially explaining what to do when confronted with an accident to ensure the best outcome for the victim.
The employees are made aware that safety is as much their responsibility as it is the employer's and they work together for everyone's benefit.
Probably the most common cause of accidents in the workplace, where again, the employee is encouraged to be alert to the risks of slipping and trips and act to prevent it.
How to adjust the display screen and chair for ergonomic and long term comfort, and good housekeeping of the work station. Best practice is also shared to prevent strain and muscular discomfort.
Understanding that labels are more than branding, and provide cautionary advice from a distance, and instructions for correct use as the manufacturer intended.
Creating awareness of the effects of solvents in terms of skin ailments, headache, nausea and collapse if not handled correctly.
Caution in Pregnancy is instinctive to women, but how it should be managed in the workplace can be a mystery to colleagues. This module gives guidance to the pregnant or breast feeding woman and her colleagues, of the limitations and subtle changes that can prevail during this time.

Takecare Automotive Retail Industry Modules

Specialised modules to complete a bespoke Automotive Retail Health & Safety induction training course.

Adding working environments to our foundation modules gives you a bespoke course to cover every aspect of health & safety induction training. If you are the instigator then the course images can be taken at your premises and give a truly bespoke look and feel to the course.

Many office workers think they work in a safe place with little or no risk. This detailed module highlights common risks that are present in this environment and raises awareness so that they may be avoided.
Arguably the most risk potential environment within the automotive industry. It's use of solvents, dust creation and other vapours add danger to an area already rich in risks. This course details all possibilities and cautionary instruction to avoid injury to anyone in the area.
More often than not, English is not the first language of workers in a valeting bay, which can compound risks when substances such as solvents, aqueous degreasers and chemical preparations are used. Add the mix of water and electricity and the need for good health and safety training is apparent.
Moving vehicles and vehicles suspended on ramps require a high degree of awareness for what could go wrong and affect people in this environment. This module summarises the risks and action required to negate them.
The stores department in a dealership is the place where heavy and irregular shaped parts, panels and substances are shelved or floor standing. Handling, Fire, slip and trip are common hazards to which this module gives focus.
The public are not aware of the risk assessments your company conduct in an effort to keep them safe. Extra vigilance is required in the public areas and this module provides instruction on how to minimise or negate risks to visitors.

Specialised TakeCare Courses for Food Industry

Course origination is always driven by customer demand. This Allergen Awareness course is a great example to demonstrate that we work in collaboration with an industry expert to produce exactly what is required.

A specialised course is a stand alone course that excludes our foundation modules. due to its delivery of more detailed and specific content. Specialised courses are often included in the induction requirements of certain industries to ensure a thorough and relevant induction training procedure.

In the UK, it is estimated that 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children have a food allergy. This results in an estimated 10 deaths per year. The food industry has an onerous responsibility to safeguard sufferers of food allergies. This course provides essential best practice to newcomers to the industry and serves as a very good review course for experienced personnel.

Specialised TakeCare Courses

A specialised course is a stand alone course that excludes our foundation modules. due to its delivery of more detailed and specific content. Specialised courses are often included in the induction requirements of certain industries to ensure a thorough and relevant induction training procedure.

These are the specialised TakeCare courses we offer today.

Since the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh in 1986, Lone Working has been a Health & Safety prime topic. This course is not industry specific and serves general industry well.
As the title implies, this course is specifically for Estate Agents, Valuation Specialist, Auctioneers, Insurance Claim Adjudicators and building maintenance workers.
This course is especially for Enforcement Agents, formally known as Bailiffs. The risks are heightened by virtue of not being a welcome visitor, and with the objective of extracting a payment.
Legionella Awareness is essential knowledge for Landlords and their agents. A great foundation course and guidance to compliance.
The risks of a high pressure Hydraulic or Pneumatic system failing can have catastrophic results. This course is intended for Engineering under graduates, Apprentices and Service Engineers to learn the correct methods recommended for the safe preparation and assembly of any tube compression fitting.

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