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Red Jumpers are for Christmas
05 June 2017

Red Jumpers are for Christmas

In my dealings with fleet driving instructors, and throughout my road safety education over the years, the term, "Red Mist" (Road Rage) has often been mentioned. You know what I mean? when a driver does something you think so stupid you are in danger of losing self control in reacting to their misdemeanour, and could probably result in you doing something more dangerous. You must avoid over reacting. Drivers must be patient with other drivers they share the roads with. After all, the misdemeanour may be caused by a lapse in judgement, or a mistake made in ignorance. We could all be guilty of that. I try to do this, and will often give a wave and smile to say it's OK, I was ready for it. However, in my home town of Derby, I am becoming increasingly irate to the point I find myself shouting in my car. Why? Because the occurrence of seeing drivers proceed through red lights at traffic junctions is at epidemic proportion. I don't mean one car, my light can be on green and 3 or 4 cars will travel across my line. I don't care how busy people are, or how quickly they would like to reach their destination, driving through red lights deliberately and jeopardising the safety of other road users is dangerous driving and must stop, otherwise it will it will end in someone's death? If this isn't happening in your world then don't share, but if it is get the message out there, please. A green light doesn't mean anything other than, I or you, have the right to proceed as long as it's safe to do so. I look in all directions to ensure that emergency service vehicles are not present, and of course to check for red light jumpers. If I didn't live to that rule I would by now have been involved in at least one collision. I was taught that when approaching a green light, expect change and be prepared to stop, don't put the peddle to the floor and shout, "yippee I aye!" The traffic light sequence below instructs all drivers how to behave safely. I hope it helps those drivers on the fringe. Rant over. Therapeutic Gin and Tonic now required.

Red LightRed traffic light - A vehicle must stop just behind the white stop line at traffic light.


Red LightRed and amber traffic lights also means stop, but you can prepare to go. A vehicle must not pass through the lights until the green light is illuminated.


Red LightGreen Light - When the light turns green, you may proceed providing the way is clear.


Red LightAmber traffic light - When a single amber light is illuminated, you must prepare to stop just before the first white line. You may only proceed through an amber light when you have just crossed the stop line as it changes or are too close to the stop line that stopping may cause an accident.


Periodic reading of the Highway Code is advisable to maintain awareness of basic rules. It doesn't take long for a malpractice to become a habit and acceptable behaviour to the perpetrator.




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