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  • Safety at work
    Popular & Effective Systems
        SCORM compliant health & safety course development
        Comprehensive library of Health & Safety subjects
        Opportunity to develop bespoke training to fit your needs
        Risk Manager Operational Health & Safety System
        Driver Licence Checking
        DatPort Learning Management System
  • TakeCare
    Digital Health & Safety Training
         Fullfil legal requirements with ease in the first hour of employment
        A continually growing library of Health & Safety courses
        Add bespoke work environment modules to suit your business
        Comprehensive audit trail provides best defence against spurious compensation claims
        Instill your standards and enhance safety culture throughout the business
  • ArriveSafe
    Digital Driver Risk Assessment & Training
        Trusted, accurate & popular
        Remedial training modules to address drivers at risk
        An essential component of managing road risks
        Comprehensive audit trail demonstrating compliance & duty of care
        The most cost effective means of establishing who your high risk drivers are
  • Risk Manager
    Health & Safety Management System
        Cloud based and scaleable
        Informs you of what to do and when
        Easier to edit, update and access than binders
        Suitable for any scale enterprise, single or multi site
        Reassuring for the Board, informative for employees
        Imports legacy documents and provides essential templates
  • Driving Licence Checking
    Digital retrieval of data from the DVLA
        Rapid same day service opportunity
        Easily managed paperless system
        High volume capability
        Boost Corporate Protection
        Online driver mandate
        Risk management portal for immediate appraisal of results
  •      Comprehensive training and assessment audit trail
         Evidence of compliance to training regulations
         At a glance screen alerts to risk potential
         Scheduled email alerts and reports
         Very easy to use. A coffee break task
        Appoint limitless administrators to minimise effort
Why businesses deal with us
Safety Focused

We don't deviate from our strengths to chase tangental business. Health & safety training and systems is our passion, livelihood and focus.

Proven Management Systems

Generating profits is hard enough. Our systems create more time for our customers so they can achieve their corporate objectives.

Fully Supported Products

Course and system development to aid worker safety and make it easier for managers to manage it is all we do, and we are good at it.


All products reflect changes to legislation or best practice immediately. Responding to our customers is even faster.


All our products stem from a customer's need. We develop what we are asked to. It seems to work.

Technically adept

Currently developing courses to SCORM 2004 with our own Learning Management System and, therefore, totally independant from 3rd parties.

How To Get In Touch With Us

Office opening times are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 for telephone contact. Email receipt is 24/7. Please stress urgency if a reply is required within 8 hours.

  • Address: Hayman Quantrill Ltd., 307 Uttoxeter Road, Derby, DE3 9AH
  • Phone: +44 (0)1332 517909
  • Email: info@hayman-quantrill.com

What Customers Say About Us

  • "We have utilised Hayman Quantrill's training and assessment programmes for all new and existing staff to ensure they receive mandatory Health and Safety training, and for those who drive vehicles on behalf of the business since 2007. The content of the training is excellent and the recent updates by Hayman Quantrill have ensured that we are delivering learning that is up to date, well formatted and comprehensive in its content and coverage."

    Terry Sinclair HR Manager: London
  • "We have worked with Hayman Quantrill Ltd for over 8 years. In this time the company have listened to our needs and supported us with new and innovative ways of determining driver competence. During the journey we have developed a robust system and process of assessment and have gone on to develop further tools to help training, assess and validate our workforce skills and knowledge. A very responsive and supportive provider."

    Tracey Greener  Group Training Manager: Durham
  • "Take Care and ArriveSafe courseware is trusted, relevant and reliable. Furthermore, Hayman Quantrill's support of our requirements far exceeds that of any other training provider I have worked with. Their attention to detail with regard to our business requirements is beyond impressive. I know that we are not their largest or most lucrative customer; however, the way we are treated is as if we are the only one. It is a totally individualised approach that nurtures true partnership."

    Hazel Langley  Learning & Development Manager: Birmingham
A small sample of our offering
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Why Choose Us
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  • About Us

We have been described as a gem of a company by customers, some have been customers more than 10 years. However, in self analysing why you should choose us, we came up with the following areas where we excel and continue to improve.

  • We listen to customers and act on their requirements. It's a very personal service
  • First class customer support that never fails to exceed customer expectation
  • Engaging products that can brighten any subject and make the learning experience more memorable. 60% better retention than classroom training
  • We provide a comprehensive audit trail to help you track and retrieve performance records
  • SCORM compliant courses can be hosted on your own or our LMS
  • Exceedingly good value for money with return on investment guaranteed
  • We are a very responsive and supportive partner
  • We love to collaborate with bespoke products

We develop digital assessment and training products to enhance workforce safety for small to large corporations. All products are SCORM compliant and hosted on our own LMS with no third party involved. Educational content is supported by photographic images, video and professional narration. The audit trail, reports and course management is provided by our integral risk management portal, DatPort. Our aim is to help our Customers comply with regulations whilst freeing up line management time for profit generation. We achieve this by providing effective training products and a labour saving system.

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